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Raw Quartz Diamond Ring

Raw Quartz Diamond Ring

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This stunning Heriker Handcrafted Raw Quartz Diamond Ring is a reflection of individuality and the celebration of nature's inherent beauty. It serves as a stunning statement piece or a unique engagement ring for those who appreciate the extraordinary. With its distinctive design and meticulous craftsmanship, this ring is a true heirloom that will be cherished for generations to come. The hand-hammered textured band and wire wrapping make it so unique.

- Perfect for stacking with dainty rings, or wear as a statement piece.

- Ring adjusts US ring size 5-7.


Care information

  1. Be mindful that direct contact with perfumes, lotions, or other chemicals may tarnish your L.A. Osborn jewelry.
  2. Remove your jewelry before going to bed.
  3. Clean and polish your L.A. Osborn jewelry with the provided soft jewelry polishing cloth.
  4. Store your L.A. Osborn Jewelry in an air-tight jewelry box or small plastic zip lock bag after use.
  5. Avoid wearing L.A. Osborn jewelry in the ocean or swimming pools unless marked as water-friendly.

Jewelry Warranty

We provide a 6-month warranty starting from the purchase date, which protects against any defects caused by the manufacturer. Examples of such defects include chain breaking, or disconnecting from the clasp or jump ring. If your item qualifies for the warranty, we will repair it at no cost. However, please note that our warranty does not cover items that were broken due to force, such as accidentally pulling on the chain and causing it to break. If your item does not qualify for the warranty, we may still be able to repair it for a small fee. We highly prioritize our customers and their satisfaction, maintaining a strong commitment to both our products and the relationships we build. Send us a message to initiate warranty. You can use the contact us located under our quick links.

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