Arc Hoop Threader Earrings

Hoop Arc Threader Earrings

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Arc large hoop threader earrings are hand-formed and hammered into thin delicate earrings that thread through the ear.  This is a pair of basic arc hoops that won't go is perfect for a chic modern look and are perfect for every day wear.

Length 2.5" Approx. 

Choose from gold plated brass, bronze plated, rose gold plated, silver plated, sterling silver, rose gold-filled, or 14k gold-filled

Thread through the ear

What is Gold-Filled?
The gold-filled jewelry option is one of the most valuable and tarnish-resistant processes for creating gold jewelry. If properly cared for, your jewelry can last a lifetime. The gold used is at L.A.Osborn is generally 12k or 14k gold-filled.

Will Gold-Filled wear off?

Gold-Filled is the best alternative to solid gold which means it's extremely durable.