Custom Word Bracelet

Custom Word Bracelet

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Send us your custom name or word and we will create a beautiful dainty bracelet for you. Each bracelet is individually handcrafted.  

Minimum letters 14

Here is how to measure your wrist for our bracelet to the exact size you need.

  1. You will need to measure your wrist with a flexible measuring tape or piece of string and wrap it around your wrist right below the wrist bone where you would like to wear your bracelet.
  2. If you used the string method.  Mark it with a pen and lay it flat on a ruler and measure the length of your wrist.  
  3. This is your wrist size.  You cannot order this size you need to order according to the way you like your bracelets to fit snug, comfortable or loose.  Use our chart below to add a little more length, and to clasp your bracelet.
  4. Snug fit - add 1/4” 
  5. Comfort fit - add 3/4” 
  6. Loose fit - add 1”